2nd Generation Zune HD Rumor? Forget Cloning the iPod touch – How About a Zune HD Tablet?

I came really close to buying a Zune HD last year. The reason? One of the handful of free games released for it was PRG which looks and feels a lot like my favorite game series from the old original Xbox: Project Gotham Racing. It was, at the time, the best racing game I had seen on a mobile device. I didn’t buy a Zune HD. But, I still think about it now and then when trying out a racing game on my iPhone 4 or iPad.

So, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley’s tip about a possible new Zune HD caught my attention.

(Not so) Crazy Microsoft Rumors: A new Zune HD?

There’s no technical specifications assocaited with this rumor. So, let me add a bit of wishful thinking to this rumor: What if the Zune HD 2 (or “7” as Ms. Foley notes is Microsoft’s new favorite number) is a tablet sized device? Since “7” is their favorite number, let’s say the Zune HD “7” has a 7-inch display and is based on the Windows Phone 7 (there’s that number again) platform. Both current generation platforms (Zune HD and Windows Mobile 6.5 are built on top of Windows CE). A true instant on/off Zune HD Tablet with a decent web browser and the ability to run Windows Phone 7 apps might be an appealing device. It would certainly have a more consistent user interface story to tell than what ever kludge is done to Windows 7 to “tablet-fy” it.

So, how about it, Microsoft? How about a Zune HD 7 tablet? I’d stand in line to buy one.