2K Releases WWE SuperCard on Mobile

WWE SuperCard

2K has today announced the launch of WWE SuperCard on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. The card collection and battle game sees users collecting more than 400 cards, representing current WWE Superstars and Divas, as well as WWE Legends and helper materials that give players an edge during battle.

Developed by 2K studio Cat Daddy Games, WWE SuperCard is very similar to another of the developer’s games, MyNBA2K14, but instead of basketball, the focus here is on wrestling.

WWE SuperCardIn WWE SuperCard, players start with a selection of randomly assigned cards, each of which has a rarity level. Wrestler and Diva cards have their own unique stats (power, toughness, speed and charisma), while helper cards alter these attributes while playing. With over 400 cards, a single Superstar or Diva is found on multiple versions of cards, depending on their rarity. That is, players may have both a “common” and a “rare” version of WWE Superstar Chris Jericho in their deck at the same time, each with different stats.

These cards can be trained to increase their stats, by sacrificing cards of lesser athletes. In some cases, players may wind up with two of the exact same card, and can fuse these together to create a “Pro” version of the wrestler, with greater base stats and a higher overall training potential.

Gamers can choose to compete against others in short exhibition matches, or in King of the Ring tournaments. Exhibition matches are three rounds, and see the game choosing different key stats at random. The first round, for instance, may be a tag team match focusing on speed and charisma, while the second may be a Divas match focusing on power. Matches may focus on any of the four stats, in any combination, so users need the most well-rounded team possible to have the greatest chance of success.

In addition to individual stats, wrestler cards also contain “compatibility” factors. These are represented by diamonds at the bottom of each card. In tag team matches, complimentary diamonds trigger an increase in the team’s stats during those matches, while conflicting diamonds mark an “incompatible” team, and cause the stats to decrease.

Before each match, players can assign helper cards to their Superstars and Divas to give them the upper hand, or instantly damage their opponent. Since the enemy’s cards are unknown until the match begins, users can assign -7 Power, +10 Speed and other card boosts to their hand in the hopes that these might give them an edge against their unknown competitors. In addition, each card has a super move, which triggers at random and affects a stat during that match. Combat itself is automatic, once the cards have been assigned.

At the end of each three-round game, the victor gets two random card drops, while the loser receives one. While free-to-play, gamers can spend real money on additional card drops, including on those of the Epic or Legendary rarity levels.

As for the King of the Ring tournaments, players assign their cards to a lengthy battle session against other players. Cards lose stamina (that is, their stats decrease) after each encounter, but players can spend energy cards to boost them back to full fighting potential. Combat in these instances is handled automatically (without any input from the player), but players earn higher rankings and better rewards, depending on how much they manage their teams between rounds.

“WWE SuperCard represents a great opportunity to extend the WWE 2K brand by delivering unique and power-packed mobile entertainment experiences,” said Chris Snyder, vice president of marketing at 2K. “Get ready to experience WWE card battles on your favorite mobile device – anywhere and at any time.”

WWE SuperCard is available to download for free on iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices.

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