2K Launches Evolve: Hunters Quest on Mobile

The app is a companion game to the four-vs-one shooter Evolve, and will allow players to earn Mastery Points redeemable in the main game

Evolve Hunters Quest
2K, Turtle Rock Studios and Cat Daddy Games (a 2K studio) have announced the launch of Evolve: Hunters Quest on mobile. The app is a companion game to the four-vs-one shooter Evolve, which is set to release on console and PC on February 10. In Evolve: Hunters Quest, players complete match-three puzzle battles against a variety of monsters in order to earn rewards which can be taken into the full console game.
Evolve: Hunters Quest offers a standalone, level-based campaign, which sees players making matches with symbols relating to each of their hunters. Making a match with cross symbols, for instance, heals someone in the group, while making matches with shield pieces sometimes has a cloaking ability on the team, protecting them from enemy attacks. When players make a match of four-or-more symbols, the effect of the move is boosted or changed.

As players make multiple matches with the same kind of symbol, this charges the associated hunter’s special attacks. These cause extra damage to the enemy, or may greatly heal the player’s hunters, as examples. Since each hunter has multiple skills available, players can wait to unleash the right power at the right time.
At the end of each level, players may receive animal bones (a collectible) or Mastery Points. These Mastery Points can be carried over into the main Evolve console game, and applied to the characters there.
As for animal bones, these can be collected in specific quantities in order to unlock pages in the in-game Bestiary. Players earn additional Mastery Points for each creature they unlock, and if they can unlock all of the monsters in a single Bestiary biome, they’ll receive a special badge for use in the main game.
Finally, players can use the app to view replays of their online multiplayer matches from the console game, or view unique game art.
Evolve: Hunters Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, the Windows Phone Store and Amazon Appstore for Amazon Fire devices.