26 Years’ Worth of Doodles, Hundreds of Trees Sacrificed

This writer managed to choke back a tear while reading graphic designer Michael Bierut’s “26 Years, 85 Notebooks” on Design Observer. It’s not often that a blog will make a grown woman with hundreds of weblogs on her Google Reader cry. But it happened today. It was also a reminder that tangible things are much more nostalgic than items posted on the Internet. It was also a gentle call to put pen to paper more often and just doodle for the heck of it. Bierut talks about the scribbles he did while working on the Sam Shepard play “Fool for Love.” None came to close to the final poster, but still, the play-time that led to the work was useful. Naturally, he was most touched by his children’s drawings in his tomes, at the time forbidden, but now cherished more than ever. That’s the part that got this artist-turned-writer. Bierut’s post reminded us of this old (Nov. 12, 2007) Bluelines entry on what your artwork says about you. Interesting stuff.