26% of Kindle Fire Buyers Put Off an iPad Purchase

Changewave, a market research company, has just released the results of its latest survey into consumer gadget buying. Much to no one’s surprise, Kindle Fire buyers will be putting off the purchase of other gadgets after they by the Kindle Fire.

The survey data comes from a poll conducted in October, only a few weeks after the $199 Kindle Fire was announced but before the leaks about the new Nook Tablet. A total of 2600 US consumers responded, and a full 5% said that they had pre-ordered a Kindle Fire or were very likely to buy one..

The results also show that over a quarter of respondents had decided to delay getting an iPad, and 12% passed on other tablets. Other devices sidelined by a Kindle Fire purchase include a Kindle (9%), laptop (7%), and a Nook (6%).


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