Guest Post: Five Tips to Reach Moms

Brands of all kinds — breakfast cereals, clothing and accessories, automakers, you name it — are just itching to get into mom’s purse.

The recent BlogHer conference showed that brands are working hard to reach this group of ladies, who are not only influential because of their spending power, but also for their online activities.

In today’s guest post, Stacy DeBroff, CEO and founder of Mom Central Consulting, offers five tips for reaching moms both online and off. Mom Central Consulting is focused on using social media to connect moms with brands.

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The Changing Face of Mom Marketing: Five Ways to Reach the Mom Consumer by Stacy DeBroff, founder and CEO of Mom Central Consulting

For more than a generation, savvy marketers have recognized “Mom” as the key household consumer – wielding significant decision-making and purchasing power in the home.

But not until the recent rise of social media – with moms embracing emergent platforms such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter at an overwhelming rate – did the very nature of marketing to moms shift. Today, brands – and the PR teams who counsel them – need to rethink their mom consumer interactions to both incorporate the dramatic embrace by moms of social media platforms and the strong tune out moms have to top-down messaging from companies.

Here, we’ve recommended five key steps that can help savvy PR pros reach Mom consumers and engage them as passionate brand advocates:

  • Connect Via Conversations: Moms want brands to seek out their ideas and opinions – not push marketing messaging at them. Remind clients that Moms look for conversational engagement – a recent Mom Central survey of 900 mothers found 81 percent of moms say they feel more connected to a brand with regular interaction – and work with them to devise strategies to foster these ongoing opportunities.
  • Inspire Moms to Talk about You: Moms love hearing insight from fellow moms – and they particularly seek out first-hand experience with brands and products. Assist clients in creating opportunities and avenues for mom-focused peer perspectives, which resonate much more effectively with Moms than advertising or celebrity endorsements.
  • Real Time: Moms look for authenticity and candor in dealing with brands. PR professionals can help clients achieve this by counseling them to concentrate on developing original content, as well as providing direct interaction and attentiveness from a real “human.”
  • In-Person Perspective: PR professionals know the importance of personal interaction. Creating face-to-face meetings – whether they’re with top mom bloggers or key influencers – will allow brands to listen, engage, and interact directly with key consumers.
  • Foster Connectivity: A 2009 Mom Central and Gather survey of more than 1,300 moms found that one in three want to meet other moms in their community. Work with your clients to create local, offline opportunities for moms to connect with fellow moms. These geo-targeted events will extend the reach of your national programs, while at the same time generating loyalty.

In the newly emergent conversational marketing paradigm, relationships rule the day with moms. When moms feel listened to, answered, respected, and celebrated, their passion about a brand or company translates into long-term loyalty and increased spends.