25 Random Things Attempting to Ride Facebook Meme

We all have something to say, be it good or bad, about the news, life, people, ourselves, or even about our friends. Most people like to just sit back and have a good laugh, and one of the more common ways of doing so is through talking about each other (flaws, trips, hobbies, and so on). This idea that drives the concept behind a very simple application dubbed “25 Random Things.”

Created by Inherently Viral Apps, the game is an improvement on the Facebook notes meme, where you write about yourself (and only yourself) and forward the note to your friends via tagging. In essence, 25 Random Things is the same concept as the Notes meme, but you are also encouraged to write random things about your friends as well. The sole objective of the app is to start a stream of conversation by tagging your friends so they talk about you and vice versa.

When the player begins, they can start by either writing 25 random things about themselves, or create a new list of whatever they want. The rules are fairly obvious. Should you ever become tagged by a friend, you write 25 random things and tag the person who tagged you and any of your other friends as well in order to spread the “conversation.” Simple, right? Of course, if you ever find yourself stumped and don’t know what you should write, you can always browse some random things about friends of friends, or simply check out the random Spotlights featuring some of the comments that other people have talked about.

The game is not intended to be anything terribly complicated and is described by the developers as a “great example of a fast-moving and short-living internet meme transitioning into something more permanent and interesting.” Essentially, the makers of 25 Random Things seem to be trying to improve on the Facebook interface, bringing up a user’s constantly changing Wall. However, when a thread drops off a Wall, the conversation is lost, and as such, Inherently Viral is attempting to prevent that and drive everlasting, interesting, and, well… random conversations. Suffice to say, if you are a highly social person on Facebook, this might be a game worth checking out, and if not, it does make for a fairly interesting distraction.