25% Of iPad Users In UK Only Use Them Once A Week

As Amazon and Barnes & Noble are gearing up to ship their lower priced tablets this week, a new study from the UK has come out claiming that despite the fact that the iPad is the most popular tablet, iPad owners only use their devices once a week.

T3.com has more: “A quarter of iPad owners use their market leading tablets just once a week with less than half admitting they use the device on a daily basis, a new study has found…The figures, which come courtesy of a study carried out by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk which questioned 1,521 iPad owners, found that whilst 26 per cent of those questioned said they used their Apple tablets just once a week, 11 per cent revealed their device is used less frequently than that.”

Forbes has more details about why these UK consumers use their devices so little: “Of that 25% though, half did have something of a good reason. They only have the Wi-Fi model, not 3G, so it’s not in fact all that good for carrying around to use on the move (the UK is pretty short of public free access points, unlike the US).”