24 Hours With Bitly [Infographic]

Bitlinks may be short, but Bitly's reach extends to nearly every country in the world.


Bitly was one of the earliest URL encoders on the market and established a firm foundation as the official link shortener when Twitter was just a startup. Today, Bitly encodes more than 500 million links that generate more than seven billion clicks across nearly every major social network and brand site around the world.

If you’re curious just how far Bitly’s reach extends, the team put together an infographic demonstrating what happens with Bitly links across the web within 24 hours.

Key stats include:

  • More than 31 million Bitlinks are created each day
  • 286 million Bitlinks clicked per day
  • More than half of all Bitlinks are clicked from a mobile device
  • The most links are clicked at 11:00 a.m.
  • By the end of the day Bitlinks have been clicked in nearly every country in the world

Check it out: