22% of Smartphone Owners Have Trouble Reading on the Small Screen

The Pew Research Center released a new report yesterday on how Americans are using their cell phones. Surprisingly, reading on a phone wasn’t as common as you might think.

Actually, the report doesn’t say what percentage of respondents read on their smartphone; it appears that Pew neglected to either ask this question or include the data in the report. But the report does note that 22% reported having trouble reading on their smartphone. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the same thing. And based on the last time I rode mass transit, the percentage of readers is probably much higher.

The report also showed that 20% of smartphone owners fake talking on the phone so they won’t be bothered. The downside of pretending to talk on your phone is that now everyone will wonder if you’re faking it.  But if you download a reading app (from iTunes, Android Market, or elsewhere) then you won’t have that problem. People rarely bother you if you appear to be reading.

via Pew Research Center

image by eszter