22 Brands That Celebrated Their Dads on #FathersDay


Father’s Day: a yearly meeting of greeting cards, ties, and more ties.

And yet, on this day devoted to the Old Man in your life, the social teams behind a few brands we follow got a little creative–just like their dads always said they should. Let’s check out a few of the posts we encountered after the jump.

Oh, and thanks, Dad.

1. Star Wars

Because come on, dads: your relationship with your sons isn’t all that bad.

2. Cuckooland

…and Storm Troopers need love, too.

3. Disney 

Father’s Day is a time to be thankful for the family you have, no matter how unconventional.

4. Game of Thrones

For example, the Boltons aren’t even the most dysfunctional family in Westeros!

5. USA Today

Every father dreams of the day when his kids can’t come up with a more flattering word than “annoying” to describe him…

6. Men’s Fitness

…but he knows they’ll eventually feel his pain too.

7. Vaseline

Of course, he’ll always be Dad to his daughters.


8. History Channel

And Father’s Day is a more feminine holiday than you might think.


9. Milk Bone

Remember, this day is for everyone (don’t count us “dog dads” out).


10. Google

But are dads more important than “football?” It’s possible…

11. The New York Jets

…but it’s hard to separate “American dad” from “American football.”

12. HootSuite

Ours always told us to give a strong handshake and speak with conviction. (We’re still working on it.)

13. Butterfinger

Believe it or not, we’ve seen less flattering ties…

14. Intel

…like this one!

15. LG

Because dads who work in marketing appreciate the hard sell.

16. AT&T

Now ask yourself, dads: can you do at least three things around the house?

17. Bath and Body Works

It was a serious question! Dads have to fight against stereotypes, too.