Study: Carson, Trump Rule Facebook, Hillary Owns Twitter and All Candidates Love Emojis

Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee really, really loved using emojis in 2015.

Which posts by candidates for the 2016 presidential election resonated most with social media users? Fusion fired up its Political Image Machine to find out.

Fusion said it analyzed a total of 152,883 posts by the candidates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during 2015, writing:

Yet for all the emoji and exclamation marks (9,205 and counting), this year’s top tweet by a candidate got just 105,864 favorites. To put that in context, Justin Bieber can get 136,807 faves just for posting this. Luckily for the candidates, Bieber’s Canadian.

Findings by Fusion included:

Most popular post by a candidate: Ben Carson. His post had more than 1.15 million likes at the time of this post.

Carson and Donald Trump dominated the most popular posts on Facebook.

Hillary Clinton was the top performer on Twitter.

The Instagram title went to Bernie Sanders.

And the most-used phrases by each candidate were:

Finally, these were the emoji used by candidates, and clicking on each one in the Fusion post will lead readers to its context.

FusionCandidatesEmoji1 FusionCandidatesEmoji2 FusionCandidatesEmoji3

Readers: How did your favorite candidate perform on social media in 2015?

Top image courtesy of Dr. Ben Carson on Facebook.