Mel Gibson Clicks Back to the Top of Hollywood’s Roller Coaster

Hacksaw Ridge lands Gibson his second Oscar nomination for Best Director.

For the film year 1995, Mel Gibson was deemed by members of the Academy to be the Best Director, for Bravehart. A decade later, TMZ had him pegged as the town’s leading pariah. And now, for the year 2016, Gibson has nabbed his second Best Director Oscar nomination, for Hacksaw Ridge. On the heels of welcoming his ninth child.

The annointment of Gibson as a Best Director finalist is easily the most controversial aspect of this year’s Oscar nominations, revealed this morning via fuzzy-font livestream. The tweet above is representative of the majority first wave of reaction among female journalists.

Gibson stands alongside Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and others whose real-world transgressions have been relegated to the background at the Oscars in favor of finely focused artistic accomplishments. Let the debate continue!

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