New Orleans Celebrates Zinemaking and Comics

The Gambit paints an encouraging NOCAZ picture.

It’s not often that a publication writing about comic books and superheroes shares the same name as a Marvel hero. It’s even rarer for a piece of this kind, or any type these days, to be headlined “Print’s Not Dead.” But lo and behold, this week in New Orleans alt-weekly Gambit, that is the case.


Alex Woodward’s cover story sets the table for the 3rd annual New Orleans Comics and Zine (NOCAZ) festival, which runs Nov. 19-20. Amplifying the old-school feel of all this: the free two-day event takes place at the New Orleans Public Library. From Woodward’s piece:

“There’s this narrative that everything is digital and print is dying, and while I know the print industry is suffering on certain levels, that’s an experience of an upper-middle-class life,” [co-founder Erin] Wilson says. “I know a lot of people in my neighborhood who don’t have smartphones, who don’t have computers. They have a TV, maybe… You have a Boost mobile phone you add minutes to. You don’t have a smartphone, you don’t read Facebook. … Things being in your hand, despite how much technological advancement we have, just can’t be truly replaced.”

Woodward also highlights Swampflix, a small film-critics collective which has also embraced print. Intriguingly, the three co-founders of that site started their publishing operation after each being laid off around the same time.

Local artists Caesar Meadows and Ben Passmore were also interviewed for the piece. Read the full article here.

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