2016 Ellie Award Winners

Congrats to all the winners.

The winners of the 2016 National Magazine Awards (aka The Ellies) were announced last night during a ceremony at the Grand Hyatt.

Some highlights included The Atlantic winning Magazine of The Year, The Hollywood Reporter again winning for General Excellence in Special Interests and eight first-time winners.

Below is the full list of winners. Congrats to all.

General Excellence

News, Sports and Entertainment
Honors publications covering politics, business and technology as well as pop culture and leisure interests

Winner: New York

Service and Lifestyle
Honors publications covering health and fitness as well as fashion, design, food and travel

Winner: Lucky Peach

Special Interest
Honors publications serving highly defined reader communities, including city and regional magazines

Winner: The Hollywood Reporter

Literature, Science and Politics
Honors smaller-circulation general-interest magazines as well as publications covering the arts

Winner: Oxford American

Honors overall excellence in print magazine design

Winner: Wired

Honors overall excellence in print magazine photography

Winner: The California Sunday Magazine

Single-Topic Issue
Honors print magazines that have devoted a single issue to the comprehensive examination of one subject

Winner: Bloomberg Businessweek for “Code: An Essay,” June 15-28

Honors magazine websites and online-only magazines

Winner: New York

Honors digital storytelling and the integration of magazine media

Winner: New York for “This Is the Story of One Block in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn,” at nymag.com and November 16-22 print issue

Honors the outstanding use of video by magazine media

Winner: Vice News for “Selfie Soldiers: Russia’s Army Checks In to Ukraine,” June 16 at vicenews.com

Public Interest
Honors magazine journalism that illuminates issues of national importance

Winner: BuzzFeed News for “The New American Slavery,” July 24, and “All You Americans Are Fired,” December 1, by Jessica Garrison, Ken Bensinger and Jeremy Singer-Vine, at buzzfeed.com

Personal Service
Honors magazine journalism that serves readers’ needs and aspirations

Winner: FamilyFun for “The Happy Family Playbook,” by Jennifer King Lindley, May

Leisure Interests
Honors magazine journalism that provides practical information about recreational activities and special interests

Winner: Eater for “The Eater Guide to Surviving Disney World,” August 26 at eater.com

Magazine Section
Honors the editorial direction of print or digital departments or sections

Winner: New York for “The Culture Pages”

Honors reporting excellence as exemplified by one article or a series of articles

Winner: Matter for “My Nurses Are Dead, and I Don’t Know If I’m Already Infected,” by Joshua Hammer, January 12 at medium.com/matter

Feature Writing
Honors original, stylish storytelling

Winner: The New Yorker for “The Really Big One,” by Kathryn Schulz, July 20

Feature Photography
Honors the use of original photography in a feature story, photo-essay or photo portfolio

Winner: Politico for “Front Row at the Political Theater,” photographs by Mark Peterson, November/December

Essays and Criticism
Honors interpretative and critical journalism

Winner: Esquire for “The Friend,” by Matthew Teague, May

Columns and Commentary
Honors political and social commentary; news analysis; and reviews and criticism

Winner: The Intercept for three “The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Prison” columns by Barrett Brown: “A Visit to the Sweat Lodge,” July 16, “Santa Muerte, Full of Grace,” August 24, and “Stop Sending Me Jonathan Franzen Novels,” October 6

Honors fiction originally published in magazines

Winner: Zoetrope: All-Story for “The Grozny Tourist Bureau,” by Anthony Marra, Fall

Magazine of the Year
Honors magazines for print and digital editorial excellence and for the success of branded content and services, including conferences and events

Winner: The Atlantic