2015 Tabby Awards /Business Accepting Submissions for Business Apps

The Tabby Awards /Business and Mobby Awards /Business competitions have launched for 2015.

The Tabby Awards has announced the launch of its 2015 Tabby Awards /Business competition for business and professional tablet apps. The yearly competition sees mobile experts judging submitted apps through multiple rounds, across multiple categories.

For 2015, the international panel of 24 judges will be chaired by Carson Conant, CEO of Mediafly, a technology company whose solutions enable the distribution of enterprise content across mobile platforms.

In past years, Tabby Awards /Business winners have included the likes of Adobe, Box, Brainshark, Citi, Citrix, GE, PepsiCo and many others.

Conant commented on the awards, in a statement:

It’s an exciting time for companies and professionals in the world of mobile apps, and I look forward to examining this year’s vast tapestry of submissions geared toward innovation for the modern business.

In this four year of the /Business competition, The Tabby Awards is, for the first time, accepting submissions for smartphone apps, in addition to tablet apps. This competition, called Mobby Awards /Business, will be separate from Tabby Awards /Business, and will reward apps in specific smartphone categories.

Patrick Pierra, founder and executive producer of the Tabby Awards, added:

We are still champions of tablets as a specific device category because their screen size lends itself to a whole different level of productivity which, in many cases, surpass both computers and phones. But we recognize that the ubiquity of smartphones, now with larger screens and impressive processing power, also makes them fantastic professional tools. Anyway, most business apps now work on both phones and tablets, either with a universal app or with different versions optimized for each platform. The addition of the Mobby Awards /Business will allow us to celebrate the whole spectrum of mobile productivity while still highlighting apps which are specifically optimized for tablets or smartphones.

Interested developers and publishers can submit their apps to the /Business competitions here.

The Tabby Awards’ consumer app and game competition is currently accepting user’s choice votes. Over 50,000 votes have already been submitted, with votes accepted until June 14, 2015.