What Does Your 2015 Twitter Strategy Look Like?

What Does Your 2015 Twitter Strategy Look Like?

With the new year right around the corner, your resolutions list might be looming pretty large… but does it include any Twitter-specific promises? It should. The new year is a great time to revise, refresh and renew your Twitter strategy.

Going to the gym more is all well and good, but the drop-off in gym memberships in the month of February is an indication that it’s not a realistic resolution for many. A Twitter strategy, on the other hand, can be implemented in just a few minutes a day, and tweeting doesn’t even require leaving your house!

A simple Twitter strategy should include one or more goals that track to your larger business objectives. If you’re opening a new retail clothing boutique in the coming weeks, for instance, your strategy will likely include gaining new followers local to your area and in the demographics that your shop targets.

After setting some goals, ask yourself how you will achieve them. To get new followers, for example, you might set aside 10 minutes every afternoon to do a few Twitter searches and follow a minimum of 20 new accounts. You could also create an engagement strategy where you interact with at least 3 accounts every day, or a content strategy where you share at least 5 pieces of industry news, tips and insight each day.

Lastly, you’ll need to be able to measure the effects of your strategy, to ensure that it is helping you on your way to your goals. Is your follower base growing steadily? Are most of them local, and likely to be interested in your shop? Checking in once a week or month and revising your strategy is essential.

That’s just a sketch of what your 2015 strategy might look like, at its simplest. You don’t need a ton of bells and whistles to succeed on Twitter – you just need some goals, actions and measurements.

Of course, your strategy might be much more complex. You might work with a large company that has a sizeable marketing department. And while all the extra hands working on coming up with Twitter content is great, it does require creating an internal strategy for managing your team.

And any good Twitter strategy will be integrated into your overall marketing strategy. When you run campaigns on other mediums, like Facebook or in print, you will want to reflect the same messaging on Twitter.

However you approach Twitter marketing, there’s no better time than the ringing in of a new year to update your strategy. You can review what has been working in the past 12 months, take a look at new tools that might improve your workflow, and eliminate the activities that weren’t producing results. So, if you do fall off the gym bandwagon in February, at least one of your resolutions can make it through into the new year!

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