And the Wackiest Oscar Headline Goes to…

A reporter and newspaper in Charlize Theron's home country.

Take a look at the following, published online today by South African daily newspaper The Times:


Since day-after coverage of the Academy Awards is a proven (gargantuan) Web traffic magnet, we’re not sure why article writer Charmain Naidoo and-or her editor(s) felt the need to connect her post-Oscars coverage with something completely unrelated. Here, she’s not teasing some shocking reveal about 2014’s Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees. Rather, along with her thoughts on things like John Travolta ambushing Scarlett Johansson and Joan Rivers being left out of In Memoriam, she has also inexplicably roped in a recent survey of British women ages 18 to 50 by Flint + Flint. (Along with one other additional “other matters in the news.”)

For the shower business, Naidoo sourced a UK Telegraph story that is a hot topic in the land of Eddie Redmayne. In fact, at press time, it was that paper’s Most Viewed item.

But to Naidoo, we say simply: Please, next time, be a little more headline-careful when aggregating apples and oranges. Also, assuming that a sizable portion of her domestic readership is female, she might want to clarify the headline to read “British women.”

P.S. The fact that the bylined reporter’s full name sounds like another teleprompter/phonetics misread by Travolta just makes this all the more perfectly imperfect.