Internet Insanity, Exhibit #We’ve-Lost-Count

Better pick-up luck next time, Rutu Ladage.

The Aug. 12 blog item by Brooklyn-based comedienne Clara Morris is easy to spy as parody. It resides on a website, Above Average, that has as its tagline ‘The Internet’s Last Hope for Comedy.’ And although it was written in the form of an open letter from the winner of the 2015 London Women’s Marathon (Tigist Tufa) to a fellow runner (Kiran Ganhdi), Morris’ byline is clearly displayed top-left.

Apparently, all this was not enough for, a faraway co-venture of PMC, ZEE and United Internet. The site picked up the article and, ahem, ran with it.


The comment moderator(s) must be taking a slow walk to the work desk this week, because at press time, the piece is still up without a disclaimer or correction, despite this reader feedback:

Lin Daffron – 2 days ago: The article you’re sourcing is satire, written by a woman named Clara Morris. Tigist Tufa hasn’t actually written a response to the woman who ran without a tampon. Fact checking.

We ourselves now must, ahem, also run. Because – This. Just. IN!  Amy Schumer has qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics.