Grammys Power Billboard to Single-Day Web Traffic Record

Monday clicks best previous mark set after 2014 Billboard Music Awards

JaniceMinPicThey’re doing the Grammy dance over at our sister publication Billboard.

Per an internal memo from Guggenheim Media Entertainment Group chief creative officer and co-president Janice Min, the Monday halo of the 2015 edition of the music industry’s biggest night paid huge dividends for the digital side of both of the magazines she has revamped. In the case of Billboard, interest in Kanye West vs. Beck, Madonna vs. gravity and the rest powered the site to its best day of Web traffic ever.

Here’s the memo from Min:

Dear Staff –

I’m happy to tell you 2015 is off to a historic start for Billboard and THR.

For both titles, January set record high months in traffic. Then yesterday was the single biggest day of traffic in company history.

Thanks to the Grammys, Billboard established a new single-day record of 11.8M page views and 2.7M uniques. It tops the previous mark set the day after the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (9M pageviews/1.7M uniques). Billboard‘s year-over-year growth for Grammys coverage was up 210% for uniques and 233% for page views (a feat nearly unheard of).

THR also had a very strong Grammys performance, logging a 10% increase in uniques (3.2M for the 2 days) over last year’s effort (which as you may recall was a record-setting day last year too).

For those keeping track, internal analytics show THR’s new monthly records for January as 24.2 million uniques and 32.3 million visits. Billboard in January registered 24.6 million uniques and 102 million page views.

All of those records likely will be trumped by February, setting Billboard and THR up for its best quarter ever.

Please take a moment to congratulate our digital teams and edit staffs, whose preparation, speed and work were especially stellar around this weekend.


[Photo credit: Christopher Patey/THR]