The Red Carpet Imitation Game

We all know the answer to the question: In whose footsteps are Sunday's red carpet TV interviewers following?

The year of Joan Rivers’ birth, 1933, the Best Picture Oscar went to London-set drama Cavalcade. In a few days, we will know the name of the Best Picture that will forever frame the year of her untimely demise.

Rivers got into the red carpet game when the going was good, cementing along the way the phrase “Who are you wearing?” Improbably, she was able to kick it up a notch after leaving the awards show red carpet live beat, primarily addressing for four years on Fashion Police the rhetorical question, “Who are you scaring?”

There have been several awards show celebrations since Rivers passed away last September, including the Golden Globes, which made a large part of her and Melissa’s red carpet name. Along, of course, with the Oscars.

This Sunday, we hope that one or more folks in attendance at the Dolby Theatre will honor the memory of Rivers in some way. Interviewers, consider recalling a relevant Joan encounter or memory. Stars, if the proper walk-up moment arises, pay tribute to the grande dame of this broadcast genre. Rivers is a major reason why the red carpet portion of the telecast has evolved into an equally important (or, in the case of many millennials, more important) portion of the annual broadcast.