A Sure Thing: Ellen DeGeneres and Oscar Prop Bets

The only problem with Jimmy Kimmel’s brilliant proposal last night is that Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres is in absolutely no need of extra cash. But if she were, she might definitely take up her ABC-TV Academy Awards broadcast mate on his crafty idea.

Kimmel told Ellen she is in the perfect position to bet, through an anonymous middleman like Guillermo, on prop wagers like these:

  • Will Ellen wear a dress during the show?
  • What will be the color of the first suit Ellen wears on stage?
  • Will Pink and Bette Midler perform a duet?

DeGeneres’ appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live came just a few hours after Kimmel made the trip across the hill for a reverse sit-down on Ellen. And with regards to another prop bet raised by Kimmel – Will the Best Actress winner cry? – this weekend’s host confidently suggested: “I can make her cry.”

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