Memo to Bob Newhart’s Primetime Emmy Co-Nominees

We’re talking to you: Justin Timberlake, Will Forte, Bobby Cannavale, Louis C.K. and Nathan Lane.

Each one of you is nominated alongside comedy legend Bob Newhart in the 2013 Primetime Emmy category of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Should any of you win at the Creative Arts ceremony, please consider a variation of Ving Rhames’ priceless move at the Golden Globes and making Newhart your version of Jack Lemmon.

Critics of Oscar and Emmy oversights often gloss over the fundamental fact that there will never be anywhere near enough round circles to accommodate each year’s swell performance pegs. But the fact that Newhart has never enjoyed full individual Emmy recognition must be remedied this year, one way or another. He’s nominated this seventh time for his portrayal of Arthur Jeffries/Professor Proton on The Big Bang Theory.

In an August 19 Skype interview with Newhart (above), Gold Derby editor Chris Beachum chats at one point about the more successful 1961 Grammy Awards that followed Newhart’s first major Emmy show nominated appearance. On the more musical end, he won Best New Artist and also beat out Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole for Album of the Year.

The Primetime Emmy Creative Arts Awards will take place Sunday September 15 at the NOKIA Theatre. Newhart turns 84 on September 5.

Update (September 22):
Presenting an award at the Primetime Emmys with The Big Bang‘s Jim Parsons, Newhart got a long, heartfelt standing ovation from the crowd after Parsons mentioned Newhart’s first Emmy win.