With Fallon and Michaels Officially TOLDJA-ed, Who Should Host Next Oscars?

Chalk up another TOLDJA! for Nikki Finke, from a beat she still pretty much owns (who, what, when, where and how each year’s Oscar broadcast is taking shape).

In this case, on the red carpet heels of an August 2 LA Times report that Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels were in talks to handle 2013 broadcast chores, Finke quickly harpooned that notion, explaining that these efforts had begun and ended with exiting AMPAS president Tom Sherak. This past Wednesday, Fallon confirmed his non-participation during a Today Show interview from London and last night, Kim Masters added a Hollywood Reporter item that seemingly reconfirms Michaels will not be involved with any iteration of Sunday Night Live.

In the wake of all this, the question remains not so much who the Oscars should approach for the producing and hosting gigs, but rather who might actually say yes. Word is the list of those who regularly turn down AMPAS is long and illustrious. In her updated Sherak item, Finke for example noted that perfect A-list candidate Tom Hanks continues to pass.

The comments for the August 2 Deadline item that quickly followed Nicole Sperling’s LAT article feature all sorts of legitimate and playful host suggestions, including the idea of Andy Samberg doing the entire thing… as Nicolas Cage. But it was Mark R.’s reaction that resounded most with FishbowlLA:

Jerry Seinfeld would kill as the Oscars host; add in Julia Louis-Dreyfus and make it a combo, she was on SNL before Seinfeld (and her husband Brad Hall could help write) and he is still a killer stand-up and EVERYONE would watch. And get Larry David to write too.

Assuming any-all of these people can be wrangled with the right, strategic producer-first hire, that’s an Oscar show package that would definitely have us unbridling our enthusiasm.

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