And the Three Nominees Are… Dylan Howard

When the 55th annual LA Press Club SoCal Journalism Awards are handed out Sunday June 23 at the Biltmore Hotel, please forgive Radar Online’s Dylan Howard for any awkward facial expression as the finalists for category H9 are read aloud. There are a total of three for this Online bracket and all are named Dylan Howard.

The former Celebuzz editor-in-chief has moved on from his Hollywood digs to a return-job with AMI in New York. In his wake is one of the craziest latest examples of the problems caused by the LA Press Club’s paid-entry award finalist process:


* Dylan Howard, Celebuzz, “Caught On Tape: Chevy Chase Rips His Own TV Sitcom
* Dylan Howard, Celebuzz, “Exposed: Hollywood’s Clandestine Poker Ring
* Dylan Howard, Celebuzz, “Family Feud: The Battle Over Michael Jackson’s Millions and His Three Children

Is it still an honor to be nominated when you are the only person nominated? Can the LA Press Club make a small-category exception in this case and allow Howard to deliver an instant-classic acceptance speech? (If it helps, FishbowlLA is happy to write the speech.)

Overall, there are many worthy finalists, Howard included. But this just looks ridiculous, on paper and beyond the plates of roasted chicken. The LA Press Club should really consider, when a category can only be pinned to one person, suspending that category for the year.

Howard is also competing against himself for Best Use of Social Media to Enhance and/or Promote a Story, Individual. But in that case, his multiplicity sits alongside Tina Daunt of The Hollywood Reporter, Vicky Chen of Annenberg TV News and TheWrap blogger Richard Stellar.

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