2011 Sunset Junction Festival Denied Permits, May Be Cancelled

This weekend’s Sunset Junction street fair has been denied the needed operating permits by the Los Angeles Board of Public Works. Over 80 musical acts, including the Butthole Surfers, Ozomatli, The Melvins, and Hanson, are scheduled to perform at the event, which may be cancelled.

From the LA Times:

Citing nearly $400,000 in unpaid fees for both the 2010 and 2011 festivals, some of which the festival’s organizers disputed, this afternoon the board approved a motion to deny the permits. The board did leave open the possibility that if festival founder Michael McKinley could raise the estimated $141,978.57 in fees owed for the 2011 fair, the board could reconvene Wednesday to reassess the permits.

In addition to butting heads with city officials, local businesses, and residents, organizers of the street fair have a reputation among journalists for being difficult to work with. Press passes can be hard to come by, even for newspapers with a long history of covering the 30-year-old event.