West Coast Bias Stick Checks Canadian Hockey Fans

With the Vancouver Canucks poised to return the Stanley Cup to the birthplace of the sport for the first time since 1993, the ice cold presumption would be that every single Canadian hockey fan is thrilled to bacon bits. But that presumption would be wrong.

LA Times hockey beat writer Helene Elliott runs down the reasons why not all Canadians are on the Canucks vs. Bruins bandwagon ahead of tonight’s Game 1. For anyone in LA who has had to suffer through a conversation with east coasters denigrating our fair city, many of the reasons quoted in the article seem strangely familiar:

Jealousy is a likely factor. Vancouver’s mountain and sea vistas make it one of the world’s most beautiful cities, and it has milder winters than the rest of Canada. Its success in hosting the Winter Olympics has given it new prominence internationally, too. Is it fair for Vancouver to have all that and the Stanley Cup too?

Absolutely. The Canucks are only the fifth Canadian team to play for the Stanley Cup since the Canadiens stuck it to Wayne Gretzky and the LA Kings in 1993. C’mon neighbors to the north… show a little puck patriotism, eh?