The Economist Does the Emmys

When it comes to cheeky headlines, few publications are as consistently on target as The Economist. Today, for their wrap-up of the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards, the austere UK mag has chosen to go with “Up Close and Impersonal.”

The article by “Prospero” wastes no time in taking down the host city. After calibrating our high density of tanning salons and frozen yogurt stores, it segues to this:

Los Angeles is a city where Michael Bay, a filmmaker lately known for directing the Transformers franchise, and the Kardashian sisters are held up as glowing examples of something, but no one really knows quite what (perhaps LA-ness?).

From there, this pseudonymous (female) writer–named in honor of the hero of Shakespeare’s The Tempest–offers devastatingly hilarious (and likely completely accurate) explanations of Charlie Sheen‘s unexpected Emmy show presenter appearance and the collective feeling shared by those who have been consistently losing to Jon Stewart in the Variety category. A simply fabulous, mid-week must-read.