2011 Not the Year of Mobile NFC eCommerce. What is CSI Virtual MasterCard Up To?

This year (2011) was suppposed to be the year NFC (Near Field Communications) was rolled out in smartphones and retailers. And yet, here we are half-way through 2011 with nothing more than relatively small test rollouts and NFC embedded in Google Places signs. The NFC movement fragmented in the first half of 2011.

Engadget reported that MasterCard and CSI Enterprises are planning some non-NFC mobile payment apps.

CSI Virtual MasterCard app bringing mobile payments to iOS, Android and BlackBerry

CSI Virtual MasterCard’s website says:

Summer 2011 – CSI MasterCard innovative mobile device-smartphone application release for virtual MasterCard access on the go.

Engadget says that this “summer” rollout starts next month (July).