Elvis, Ruth 2010’s ‘Most Dangerous’ Autographs

Veracity has left the building. This according to Santa Ana based grading company Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

The firm says 2010 was another banner year for autograph forgeries, with roughly half of all received submissions from third-party purchasers turning out to be as real as last week’s Farmer’s Market Elvis sighting. Per PSA, the year’s “Ten Most Dangerous Autographs” of entertainment and historical figures are:

1- Elvis Presley
2- The Beatles
3- John F. Kennedy
4- Marilyn Monroe
5- Michael Jackson
6- Jim Morrison
7- Neil Armstrong
8- Jimi Hendrix
9- James Dean
10- Walt Disney

Surprisingly, an authentic MJ signature can be had for as low as $200. Meanwhile, PSA’s separate list of most dangerous sports figure autographs has a lot more life to it. Although the fake Babe Ruth is tops, he is joined by the likes of LeBron (#6), Tiger Woods (#8) and Kobe (#9). Buyer beware.