2010 Predictions: Bad Pitch Blog Edition


For a “lighter” take on 2010 PR industry predictions, we turned to Richard Laermer and Kevin Dugan, founders of “The Bad Pitch Blog.”

On business prospects for 2010:

Kevin: According to economists, we’ll be eating Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner until 2015. But I think PR business will be flat and any growth will be from companies simply doing more with less. Translation: longer hours for the same pay — if you’re lucky. But it’s how these things go in the service industry. It keeps us all thinking, reinventing and learning.

Richard: I will be up in 2010. Thanks to Viagra.


Kevin: Let me guess, you’ll be stiff competition?

On PR M&A activity in 2010:

Kevin: There will be more mergers and acquisitions in general. TV will see the biggest shakeup. Perhaps We and SyFy channels will merge and become WyFy? OK, probably not, but TV’s decline is following newspapers in short order.

Richard: Nothing will merge because no one has the money to spend on an agency. Many will close. Some will merge with small shops. Some will do both. PS: Big success story: AOL! Yeah.

Kevin: You mean “Aol.”


Richard: Oops. They could sue.

Kevin: I see more lawsuits in 2010!

Richard: Hmm. Yeah, it’s the new blackmail.

The biggest PR story of 2010 will be…

Kevin: “Drew Kerr, Lizzie Grubman and Ronn Torossian sign on to do a TV reality show called Flack Seed!'”

Richard: Tiger Woods Defense School. Obama Kisses A World Leader On The Lips. Apple and Microsoft release something that a few like and a few hate. A new PDA/sex toy/vibrating neck massager relaxes Nancy Grace. People fly on airlines a lot less. Someone names the new decade The Tenacious Tens. CNN merges with Style Channel and becomes We Love TV Network. One female star will beat her spouse. People will be shocked.

[Oh and Kevin, I don’t know who Kerr, Grubman and Torossian are. Should I?]

Kevin: No. I just read about them on a blog.

So how about some general predictions?

Kevin: The snakes have run out of oil this year as clients can now tell the difference between friends, followers and the fakes that attend a half-day seminar and instantly think they can ‘do social media.’ This year clients will be pushing us, not the other way around

Richard: Really? You want my list. Read it here.

Kevin: Richard, you’re such a showoff.

Richard: Well, in our fifth year (this Friday) of Bad Pitch Blog you’ve certainly gotten to know us.

Kevin: Oh speaking of which: Happy Anniversary, man.

Richard: Sure. Now you’re nice!