2010 PR Predictions: Tech Edition


Continuing our 2010 predictions series, here are some thoughts from tech agency heads, and a vendor…

“Everyone is saying this, but we’ll see more IPO’s in 2010. A lot of people are willing it to happen. It’s going to be a good recovery year.” –Jason Mandell, Co-Founder, LaunchSquad

“2010 will present its own challenges. We are not a fully recovered economy, and the communications industry has much to do in terms of remaking and shaping itself for a changing market. We have to be careful not to be overly exuberant that things will be all that different in January than they were in December, and we must run our businesses prudently.” –Sabrina Horn, Founder & CEO, Horn Group

“The much-heralded ‘death of the press release’ will prove a lie, and that press releases–especially well-written ones from local businesses and organizations–will become more important than ever.” –Colin Mathews, President & CEO, readMedia

“Those firms that put mechanisms in place to insulate themselves from the downturn early on should be fine in 2010. Also sectors such as tech and green tech continue to rebound. Large conglomerates that missed their numbers in 2009 will snap up smaller shops to compensate for their balance sheets. Valuations are likely lower now. Small and mid-size shops that were battered in the downturn are likely looking for liquidity or exits.”
–Donna (Sokolsky) Burke, Founder, Sparkpr

“Virtually every Ph.D. student who can say ‘algorithm’ and chew gum at the same time devotes their thesis to building a social media monitoring tool. Each is convinced he or she has cracked the code on the best way to capture every word, visual and action that transpires in this alternative universe called social media. These 500+ companies scamper to find a PR agency, creating a dotcom-like boom for the PR industry.” –Lou Hoffman, CEO, The Hoffman Agency