2010 PR Predictions: More Social Media Blunders

Chad Latz1.jpg

For this year’s edition of PR industry predictions, we asked a number of industry executives their take on a variety of issues, including: for agency executives, will your business be up or down in 2010, and why? For all PR pros, will there be more or less acquisitions in the PR industry? And lastly, what will be the biggest PR story of 2010? As always, we opened things up to some general predictions as well.

First up is Chad Latz, President and Global Digital Media Practice Leader for Cohn & Wolfe.

On social media strategy:

Now that the zeal and unbridled enthusiasm has subsided and every corporation has their “official” social media presence, companies may finally be taking a step back and asking more strategic questions like “What do we do with these channels?” “How do we effectively manage the platforms and content? or “How are we going to prove real value to the business and to the rest of the social web?”

On “putting out fires” in the new media world:

As corporate adoption of social media continues, this year we’ll likely see more public social media blunders by big brands and marketers (2009 brought us Kraft iSnack 2.0, while Toyota and Saatchi offer two social media disasters) and a greater need for marketers and PR practitioners to hone their social media crisis preparedness and management skills. Tips include timely response to social media issues using social media channels, exercising authenticity at all costs and being true to your online communities when soliciting user-generated content.

Stay tuned for more 2010 predictions throughout the week.