For Your Consideration: Younger, Better-Looking Oscar Hosts

The analysis has begun with a vengeance as to a) why the Academy has chosen this morning as its latest Oscars telecast hosts the handsome young duo of James Franco (32) and Anne Hathaway (28), and b) whether or not this will help make the moribund program relevant again to younger audiences.

Here at FishbowlLA, we have our own take on this bold choice away from the usual stand-up comic, late night talk show host and Social Security nipping candidates. In no particular order:

– Given that the Oscar telecast usually feels like it lasts about 127 hours, and that watching it sometimes induces the feeling that you would rather gnaw off an arm than sit through till the end, Franco is imminently well qualified.

– Since many attending divas wear Prada, parking Hathaway on the red carpet beforehand for a couple of quick Q&A’s would seem like a perfect, synergistic way to get younger eyeballs to tune in. Especially if Meryl Streep happens to walk by.

– For comic relief, Franco can do a bit about Proposition 19 and medical marijuana with his Pineapple Express co-star Seth Rogen.

– In the spirit of her brash new romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs, Hathaway can talk the Academy into allowing Viagra to be one of the 2010 show commercial sponsors. They are everywhere else, so why not?

– Finally, choosing a Spider-Man villain to be a part of the Oscars is a diabolically good angle into the dreaded opening musical number. We can picture it now: Dozens of choreographed green goblins, chanting humorously about a Hollywood domination plan that involves mindless servitude to a golden idol. “Oscar man, Oscar man… Does whatever a Strasberg can…”