Cadillac’s Blade Runner Car

The LA Auto Show is gearing up for its official opening tomorrow, with car manufacturers already trying to outdo each other on social media. Each year, there is a bold mix of production and concept car debuts, and in the latter category, nothing is more intriguing to us than Cadillac’s new Urban Luxury Concept (pictured).

The vehicle looks like the sort of smart car everyone in LA might be driving once we have arrived at the 2019 dystopian future of Blade Runner (minus the flying capabilities). However, we’re not sure which Los Angeles the car creators live in, because the one described in the press release sure doesn’t sound familiar.

Conceived and designed in the Los Angeles area, where tight, confined parking areas for apartments, office buildings and even suburban homes are part of everyday driving, the concept weaves Cadillac’s iconic design elements into a form that eschews conventional vehicle design to answer the needs of those metropolitan motorists.

That description maybe applies to downtown LA or parts of Santa Monica and West Hollywood. Otherwise, our fair city is anything but tight confined parking areas, unless you count the sometimes narrow pull-up to valet parking.

Meanwhile, another part of the Cadillac press release makes the concept car sound like a replicant family’s dream. It reads:

When folded flat, the [car] seat’s rear panel offers modern parents a conveniently integrated Orbit Baby SmartHub™ docking station within reach.