2009’s End Approaching. Write Your End-Of Year Report & Other Duties

Great tip via LetsTalkTurkey: As the end of the year approaches, take time to note your accomplishments. These can be things you accomplished on the job, as blogger Jane Turkewitz suggests, but we think you can extend this report to other professional development successes, even if you’re seeking a job right now. Say you volunteered on a PR campaign or did some freelance work. Or took a class.

Write this all down.

Turkewitz says:

I am working with a client right now on a resume who sent me some documents to help me to better understand who he is. In 2008 and now, for 2009, he wrote end-of-the-year progress reports outlining what he had personally accomplished during each fiscal session. Both write-ups were brilliant! They clearly illustrated how he had gone above and beyond the call of duty in terms of his day-in, day-out responsibilities. He’s now going to use these reports to negotiate for a bigger and better job.

Plus, having a “Yay me!” file will definitely help you feel better about work if and when things go sour later on.

We thought about it, and there are a few more things you should wrap up by the end of the year:

  • Reconnect with a colleague or mentor. It’s important to keep your network up to date, and important to have social relationships at work.
  • Read at least one book you wanted to read this year. Why not? Besides, media people are always being asked interview questions like “What’s the last book you read and why?” So make it a good one. No Dan Brown please.
  • Take care of money matters.If you have a job and can afford it, max out your 401(k). Review your automatic savings plans if you have them. Donate all that junk to charity and get a nice tax deduction. If you’re a freelancer, see if you’ll want any work-related expenses for 2009 or 2010, and make your purchases accordingly.

What else should you take care of by the end of the year?