2009, A Year of Winners and Anti-Modern Haters

The amount of year/decade-end lists has reached ridiculous proportions and so we’re considering staying off the internet until about mid-March when all of this ends. But for now, since there seems little else to read, we recommend a good old fashion, completely objective re-cap. The Independent has put together this list of everyone who won the big architecture prizes in ’09, from Peter Zumthor‘s surprise Pritzker win to Richard Rodgers sticking it to Prince Charles by taking home the Stirling Prize for this Maggie’s Centre building in London. It’s a good look back at who was golden this year in the business of building. And speaking of Prince Charles and 2009 officially becoming the year of anti-modernism, we think this letter to the Financial Times by Warren Ser about his distaste for a new building by Herzog & de Meuron says more about ’09 than any year-end list possibly could. Here’s from the beginning:

Sir, As a full-time resident, born and raised in Miami Beach, I am often offended at new buildings that scream for my attention. Celebrity developers and architects exploit construction opportunities to express their overblown egos and vacuous polemics.

Pretty much says everything about this year in just a couple of sentences, right?

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