2008: Year of the Video Model?

vsmIf you’re a professional Web scout, you’ve probably already stumbled across a burgeoning trend: Web sites that “welcome” you by having – to quote Zoolander – a ‘really, really, really good looking person’ introduce the site.As the playing field to attract and retain a visitor’s attention continues to grow, Websites are looking for unique ways to increase online sales and conversion rates. Are Videospokesmodels the answer?

I doubt it.

vsm_modelIf a user has made it as far as your Website, there’s a good chance that they are literate. Any Web site worth its salt, will clearly identify what they are about within two second using text, images and other context clues. Most people are not so dense that they need a “real person” to appear to introduce a product and/or service.

My biggest beef is that the average Web user does NOT appreciate it when unexpected audio begins to automatically play. Many of us do a large majority of our surfing at work- a relatively audio-free zone.

However, VideoSpokesModel.com disagrees. According to the company, which provides companies with Web models, the addition of some hotties to your Website can boost sales and increase conversions by over 78%.

Packages are available for under $500.

According to the company’s press release:

“With more people having less time to read through text on a webpage, a Videospokesmodel is one of the best ways to inform visitors and get your message across.”

Last time I checked, most people can read much faster than the time it takes to watch a video.

One thing I can’t dispute is that good looking people get attention. So it will be interesting to see how VideoSpokesmodel grows. One thing’s for sure, you won’t catch any babes welcoming you to RotorBlog.