Older Titles Top This Week’s List of Facebook Apps That Gained The Most Monthly Active Users

2010 starts with a couple notable New Years applicationss bringing in users, but the majority of the top 20 gaining monthly active user (MAU) list is a mix of solid performing apps from late 2009 and the top of the list is conquered by titles that have been around for years.

The top 20 MAU list is a way to see which titles continue to add new players that return each month. It is based off numbers provided by AppData and for the last week of 2009 and ending January 3, 2010.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Blingee Book 9,030,737 +8,631,004 +95.57
2. Happy New Year 2010 by Kari 4,750,132 +4,744,331 +99.88
3. Pillow Fight 9,592,634 +3,710,299 +38.68
4. My Year In Status 6,450,330 +2,350,849 +36.45
5. PetVille 18,530,922 +2,277,325 +12.29
6. Entrevista tus Amigos 3,750,153 +1,836,965 +48.98
7. My Year In Photos 2,867,326 +1,774,998 +61.90
8. Facebook for iPhone 23,129,228 +1,681,912 +7.27
9. Happy Island 5,867,508 +1,494,320 +25.47
10. Mobile 16,591,837 +1,233,922 +7.44
11. Quiz Planet! 11,279,679 +1,231,488 +10.92
12. Zoo World 10,495,612 +1,082,577 +10.31
13. Bubble Popp 2,369,772 +1,061,032 +44.77
14. Dante’s Inferno 2,538,666 +1,019,073 +40.14
15. Tarjetitas 3,775,578 +935,166 +24.77
16. Happy Aquarium 28,355,174 +802,924 +2.83
17. Texas HoldEm Poker 22,484,291 +798,614 +3.55
18. Quiz Creator 2,573,351 +783,627 +30.45
19. Tiki Farm 1,607,971 +563,211 +35.03
20. Friend Hug 4,840,154 +546,585 +11.29

Blingee Book, is a photo editing app for users to make photos more “Bling.” Released years ago, it’s a surprise to see it at first place on the top 20 MAU. The app hasn’t placed high on the list throughout the holiday season, averaging about 43,000 MAU. All hopes for Blingee being Facebook user’s photo editor of choice for the holiday season seemed lost, until the end of 2009.

Then the title expanded by 99 percent.

Now the card making app has 8.6 million new users and a MAU of 9 million, not counting the audience using blingee’s website. It could be caused by the developers year-end contest for best card, could be good word-of-mouth by return users. Or it could just be the title’s art-style that makes it the un-official New Years card-maker. Either way, it is 2010’s first genuine surprise.

Second place, Happy New Year 2010 by Kari makes a lot more sense. Faced with low competition compared to the other holidays, the title exploded by 4.74 million users to get an MAU of 4.75 million. That increase should continue into the next week before tapering off again till next year.

Another older app that has been performing great after a mostly dormant holiday season is wall-to-wall tag game Pillow Fight. The game uses a timer to decide the winner of the fight and seasonal pillows that have done a great service to this titles resurgence. It rose 39 percent and has a new MAU of 9.59 million last week.

Dropping one place from last week, My Year In Status was released in December 2009 and is enjoying a bit of attention as of late. The app rose 37 percent and doesn’t have any direct competition, but it does share a genre with My Year In Photos which ranked 13th last week and now sits at seventh. Neither title lists their developer, but there are enough similarities to link them together.

At fifth, Zynga‘s latest, PetVille, continues to do well with 2.28 million new players and the week’s fourth-highest MAU with 18.5 million players. 16th place title Happy Aquarium has the highest MAU overall with 28.4 million people playing at least once a month. Meanwhile, Happy New Year 2010 by Kari has the largest percent increase with 100 percent.

Titles that are making their first appearance on the top MAU list are Tarjetitas at 15th and Tiki Farm at 19th. These were titles on previous emerging lists — that type of list is based on applications that grew the most and ended a given week with less than 1 million MAU. So, congrats to these apps on reaching the big leagues.

Next week should see the last of holiday apps and bring us into a new season of winter and spring-related apps.