2008: The Stranger Than Fiction News Year

Wow. This was quite a year, no? Twelve months ago the media world was trying to figure out the best place to celebrate New Years in Iowa. Twelve months ago! One wonders whether this year would be best measured in dog years of some sort. But wait there’s still 12 more hours to go! And if we’ve learned anything this year it’s that a lot of headlines can happen in 12 hours. Anyway, there are plenty end-of-year lists floating around at the moment — be they best media moments, worst, blunders, predictions, etc. But after watching Blago make a reappearance yesterday amidst an otherwise distressing news day (and really in terms of entertaining headlines this guy is the best thing to come along since Sarah Palin except arguably better since there is absolutely no chance of his ever reaching the White House) it occurred to us there were a lot news stories this year that made us an expert on something we never thought we’d need to know about. A lot!

Like, for example, the difference between a caucus and primary, and which one happens in what state when, or, say, Superdelegates! Or Alaskan politics (not to mention wolf-hunting), or the difference between a investment bank and a bank holding company. Or the fact that no one was actually in charge on Wall St. Also, Presidential puppies! And then there’s all those names! Ashley Dupree (and her singing career!), the Palin family von Track (and Tripp!), and more recently Made-off, and Bluh-GOY-uh-vich. Phew, you couldn’t make this stuff up. Favorites? Weigh in on your choice below.

What Was Your Favorite Unlikely News Story of 2008
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