2007 Hottest Media Types Finalists: PR, Male

hottestmedia.gifAfter the jump, your finalists for Hottest Media Types, PR, Male…


Anthony Hesselius, Manager & Publicist, Linda Roth Associates. (“Tall. Slender. Blonde. Beautiful eyes. A smile that lights up a room. Savvy. Worldly. Dedicated. A hell of a cook, and a hell of a hottie when he’s pool-side. What else is there to say?”)


Philippe Reines, Press Secretary, Sen. Hillary Clinton


Mike Schaffer, sports and entertainment publicist, Brotman-Winter-Fried Communications (“His good looks have always made him quite the ‘ladies’ man’, both during college and now as a well-respected sports and entertainment publicist. Our long-distance conversations always tend to revolve around which woman he has chosen to focus his attention on each week – in the midst of his crazy schedule!” / “Smooth and sophisticated, confident in his stride, and quite striking to the ladies, Mike Schaffer deserves consideration for this award.” / “Mike is so hot that he garners respect from boxing superstars like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.”)


Rennick Alam Remley, president of Remley & Associates LTD/ Communications Director for the Tommy Thompson for President campaign. (“When he is not jet-setting to the Hamptons, London, Austin or that presidential campaign he is working on out their in the middle of no wher Iowa, this #1 D.C. privileged party kid is living under the auspices of his grandparents trust fund, ruining lives all across the country and is my #1 party buddy.”)


Jonathan Shradar, spokesman for renewable energy at the Dept. of Energy (“In addition to just being straight-up hot, being a republican environmentalist makes him a special brand of defiant hot.”)


Zach Tindall, VP, Ketchum


Kevin Madden, spokesperson, Romney for President


Ben Goldstein, Ketchum Public Relations (“A valiant Prince Charming among the throngs of women in Washington PR, Ben Goldstein is an extraordinarily clever, witty and forthcoming…hottie. As a former Hardball PA and GMMB account exec, Ben has fended off female fans since he was just a boy – often mistaken for the crushingly adorable Fred Savage from Wonder Years. In the present day, when Ben isn’t wooing women with his wiley looks and charm, he puts the Japan WOW in Kikkoman, one of his major clients, and gives svelte men in DC PR a good name.”)


Tony Snow, WH Press Secretary (“On my 56 inch TV, Tony’s blue eyes and steel grey hair will knock your socks off!!”