$200 MeeGo Netbook May be a Good Fit for Facebook Users (netbook test drive)

The only netbook-like platform that is generating interest these days is Google’s ChromeBook running Google Chrome OS. Models from Acer and Samsung will be availale starting June 15. There is another non-tablet mobile platform alternative though: MeeGo from Intel. I, quite honestly, had written it off as something that would disappear. However, this Engadget report rekindled my interest in the platform.

ASUS Eee PC X101 runs MeeGo, costs only $200 (video hands-on!)

$200 is a great price and much lower than the $349 to $499 price range for the Chromebook models. The Eee PC X101 has the added advantage of being able to run apps offline when network connectivity is not available (e.g., a transoceanic flight).

An inexpensive MeeGo netbook may be a great companion for people who use Facebook frequently. MeeGo can configure your Facebook News Feed to show up on its main page.

You can take MeeGo for a test drive right now if you have a 2GB USB thumb drive and a compatible netbook available. I used a 4GB thumb drive and an Asus Eee PC 1000HA netbook to take MeeGo 1.2 for a test drive. MeeGo booted right from the thumb drive. So, I did not have to delete or modify anything on the netbook. I opted to install the MeeGo version that also installs the Chrome browser. So, Chrome apps are available for use in the MeeGo environment. You can see my home screen with my Facebook News Feed in the six blue boxes that dominates the home page (Myzone).

You can learn more about MeeGo and, if you wish, download the current release for your own testing at:

MeeGo – Netbook

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