20 Twitter Users Every Fashion-Forward Person Should Follow

If a huge part of fashion is about what’s avant-garde and what’s cutting edge, then the kinds of high-frequency updates Twitter provides are highly ideal. If you consider yourself fashion-forward, hop on the Twitter train to fashion supremacy by following a wide variety of design-minded accounts. Update your Twitter today by following these 20 users who know something a little more than not to mix navy blue and black.

1. @FashionweekNYC. The enthusiasm that this “Independent Entertainment Tweetologist” has for fashion shines through pleasingly in her tweets. Fashion Weeks around the world present the most prestigious displays of high fashion, and getting the kind of frequent updates that this account provides will get you excited about Fashion Week, and fashion in general, every day.

2. @InStyle. Magazines have been classic portals into the fashion world for decades. Whether it’s the glossy pages or their punchy articles that get you to buy the print edition, following In Style’s Twitter is a worthy venture for fashionistas to keep up with mainstream industry trends.

3. @themoment. The New York Times’s “The Moment” Twitter is a great resource because it demonstrates how high fashion can meld with top-notch journalism. “Where style meets culture” is its tag line, and so for the perspective of an international publication trying to put fashion in a larger context, there are few better places.

4. @GiltGroupe. Wht’s fashion without the shopping, after all? A great business venture turned great business success, Gilt — which offers discounted designer wear — tweets frequently enough to help you get the deals you want, when you want.

5. @VogueParisLive. Vogue brings the glamour back into fashion, and if you’re going to pick one of Vogue’s many branches to follow, Paris is easily the most romanticized choice. Plus, the fact that most tweets are in French might motivate you to brush up on your language skills which will expand your fashion world-view.

6. @Modelinia. Controversial though some of their conventions may be, models are a huge part of the fashion world. This account gives information about the experience of actually wearing these artful clothes — reminding us that they’re not just pieces for museums or high scrutiny, but are items that we put on living people.

7. @victoriabeckham. With big fashion comes big names. Victoria Beckham embodies the public world of high fashion and the attitudes surrounding it. Hearing about her everyday fashion conundrums — “I have been told to wear something waterproof for my baby shower!!!!I’m now very nervous!!!!x vb” — also adds a little life into your Twitter feed.

8. @TyraBanks. Tyra Banks has turned her modeling career and fashion-know how into prominent television programming, but the greatest part of her tweets is probably their emphasis on girl power and womanhood.

9. @GQFashion. The account‘s description reads “Your daily style authority,” and that’s exactly what they provide. For everyday fashion-forward tips — especially for men, who are often sidelined in mainstream fashion magazines — these tweets will come through for all followers.

10. @dolcegabbana. Following high-end designers provides a number of advantages. One of the perks of Dolce & Gabbana’s tweets is their fun updates about which celebs are wearing their clothing.

11. @WorldMcQueen. Ever since the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton’s dress — designed by Sarah Burton, McQueen’s successor — Alexander McQueen’s name is a fashionista-household name more than ever. Plus, over 43,000 people visited the McQueen show at the Met in NYC already, representing a significant population that has been inspired to see clothing as art.

12. @BusinessGirls. Representing the Businesswoman Boutique, @BusinessGirls puts fashion in a practical context. Even if you work from home, fresh, unaffected tweets about things like how to update your Little Black Dress, are a great addition to any fashionista’s timeline.

13. @RobinGivhan. Now a columnist for Newsweek and the Daily Beast, Robin Givhan has been cultivating her impressive insights about the way fashion, culture, and society intersect over the course of her journalism career. Whether she’s covering Michelle Obama or just the latest trend in American sportswear, Givhan’s tweets keep your Twitter feed on an intellectual track.

14. @francasozzani. Based in Milan, arguably the fashion capital of the world, Franca Sozzani is also the editor-in-chief of Vogue there. Her tweets also often pose fashion-based questions to the reader, encouraging you to jump into the Twitter conversation and engage in modern fashion dialogue.

15. @rzrachelzoe. Rachel Zoe’s fashion expertise comes through efficiently in her zealous tweets — which provide nice highlights from the Zoe Report.

16.@jessjamesjake. Representing Etsy Vintage, Jess tweets about that popular and sometimes-edgy, sometimes-mainstream sector of fashion — Vintage. Expect frequent tweets about enticing vintage items that Etsy lists, like this week’s “Vintage Lilac Striped Day Dress.”

17. @gucci. There’s always room for one more designer label on your Twitter timeline. Perhaps most interesting is the luxury label‘s tweets about its “growing equestrian family.” It’s always interesting to see what designer’s advertise about themselves; Gucci talks about everything from Italian history to celebrity sightings.

18. @ModCloth. ModCloth puts a socially-responsible spin on fashion. Fashionistas will appreciate the strong vision and creativity fueling this indie-clothing enterprise, and the account also does a fantastic job of responding to users who direct questions or comments to them.

19. @ShoeDazzle. For some people, shoes are the most interesting and alluring segment of fashion. Shoe Dazzle is a project related to Kim Kardashian. Lacking the pretentious quality that some of the designer labels or experts have, this Twitter account will remind fashion enthusiasts of the original passion that fueled their interest in clothing.

20. @MRPORTERLIVE. A London-based men’s fashion observer, MR PORTER manages to elegantly maintain that element of “cool” that we so love to see in the fashion world. And if you didn’t follow them, how else would you know that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sunglasses to a Texas wedding?


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