20 Brands and PR Firms Supporting the Clinton Foundation’s ‘Not There’ and #IWD

Major women's brands jumped in, but most agencies stayed away.

With the exception of a single tweet, Hillary Clinton has responded to the is-it-a-controversy story over her email practices with silence.

This weekend, however, the former Secretary of State and her family very publicly promoted their latest work: a campaign called “Not There” based on data collected by the Clinton Global Foundation and its “No Ceilings” project measuring the progress of women’s rights movements around the world.

In Miami on Saturday, Hillary and Chelsea revealed their findings on the poor state of such rights in the developing world while former President Bill defended the Foundation for accepting money from countries that aren’t exactly on the forefront of gender equality.

Here’s the video version of the campaign, launched yesterday:

Beyond the project led by Amy Poehler, quite a few female-focused brands joined in on the Clinton’s initiative, which is similar in spirit to Michelle Obama’s #LetGirlsLearn.

Vogue and Teen Vogue Magazines:




Conde Nast:

Katie Couric:

Bill Clinton:

Melinda Gates:



Ad agency Droga5, which created the video above:

Marie Claire:

Diane Von Fustenberg:

Kate Spade:


The Malala Fund:

Some of the world’s top PR firms had their own takes on International Women’s Day, but did not directly participate in the Clinton project.



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