Twitter Testing 2-Factor Authentication, Plans To Roll It Out Soon

According to Wired, Twitter is testing two-factor authentication, and plans to roll it out to users “shortly.”

Why? Two-factor verification will drastically decrease the odds of hackers gaining access to Twitter accounts.

Basically, it means that users will be required to enter two pieces of information in order to log in.

For example, Google has an optional two-step authentication system wherein users enter their username and password, then get sent a security code via text, voice call or mobile app, which they then must enter when prompted.

In fact, Mary predicted back in February that Twitter might choose to take Google’s lead on this.

Potentially annoying, but definitely worth it as a protective measure, especially given the recent spate of high-profile Twitter hacks.

As Wired points out,

“Two-step isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty effective stop-gap that’s been becoming more and more popular as passwords become increasingly ineffective against the myriad threats now posed by everything from password reuse to malware.”

As far as timing, Twitter posted a job listing for software engineers in February to build such a solution, as Mary pointed out.

Wired’s Mat Honan writes,

“I would be very surprised if the company doesn’t have something out the door within the coming weeks — at least in beta testing mode for highly visible organizations like the AP, The New York Times, and Justin Bieber.”


Stay tuned.

(Image via Shutterstock)