2 1/2 Years For Erin Andrews’ Stalker

A prison sentence of 30 months was handed down in a Los Angeles courtroom today to Michael Barrett, the creep who stalked and surreptitiously filmed ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. The Wrap has details:

Barrett, a 48-year-old insurance executive, had agreed to serve 27 months in prison on an “interstate stalking” charge. Andrews, however, said she did not agree to the plea, and wanted Barrett be to pay her $335,000 in addition to a jail sentence.

The judge ordered Barrett to pay Andrews out-of-pocket costs to be determined at a later date.

Barrett is out of custody, and will begin his sentence May 3.

Andrews, who had said she was “hellbent” in testifying in the case, was in court Monday and addressed reporters after Barrett’s sentencing.

“I would’ve liked a longer sentence,” Andrews said. “I did nothing wrong.”

Most people had no idea who Andrews was before this ordeal. But her quest for justice has transformed her into a role model for anyone victimized by a sexual predator.

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