1st Annual FishbowlDC Pundit March Madness

Welcome to the First Annual FishbowlDC’s Pundit March Madness.

Click here to download the (admittedly, pretty ghetto) Sweet 16 bracket. Hopefully it makes sense to you.

We’ve selected 16 reporters/journalists/pundits who will compete for the Championship (we did the best we could in selecting them, so go easy on us if you think we’ve created a less-than-perfect bracket…you can’t satisfy everyone. And to the 484 members of the Gang of 500 not included, please accept our apologies).

Points will be allotted at the end of each round based on the following criteria:

-Sunday talk show appearances
-Mentions in “The Note.”
-Mentions in FishbowlDC
-Mentions in Romenesko
-Technorati Ranking
-Appearances on nightly news shows
-Lexis Nexis hits
-Anything else we think of at the time…(feel free to send suggestions)

Ballots are due by the end of Wednesday (March 22). Type your selections into the boxes. Email them as attachments to fishbowlDC AT mediabistro DOT com (Make sure to type in your name, title, employer and email).

Points will be totaled at the end of each round and score totals return to zero at the beginning of each round (if they advance).

    Sweet 16: Thursday, March 23
    Elite Eight: Sunday, March 26
    Final Four: Sunday, April 1
    National Championship: Tuesday, April 3

We have no idea what the winner wins. Something. Probably.

Good luck.