Margaret Atwood On eBooks And Social Networking

Author Margaret Atwood thinks that eBooks are just another way to communicate. The author, who will appear at 92Y tonight with a reading of her 2009 novel, The Year of the Flood, spoke with GalleyCat correspondent Maryann Yin about eBooks and social networking.

She equated eBooks to the next step in the evolution of the printed word. She said: “They’re another way of communicating with people. They’re another way of transmitting text. Text transmissions goes way back to clay tablets, the invention of papyrus, the use of vellum, the invention of paper, movable type; it’s all about text transmissions.”

Atwood also spends a lot of time in social networks. She said: “I think it’s taken up a lot of my time. I have a blog. I have a Twitter account and I have a Facebook page, which is however run by my publishers because I thought I couldn’t take on Facebook along with all the other things I’m doing.”