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Today’s update…only 24 hours left, roughly (polls close at 5pm, Wednesday).

  • Has Hadley Gamble thrown in the towel?

  • How does Lila Merideth always stay just barely ahead of Jen Yuille and Hilary Lefebre? Oh, that girl is good…As her lead grows, are Hilary and Jen’s chances falling away?

  • Where the heck did Suzanne Malveaux come from? After hanging at the bottom for the past few days, she’s now surged to the top, making Hottest Female, On Air a four way race between Abbi Tatton, Norah O’Donnell and Megyn Kendall (unless yet another person does a Malveaux-like sudden surge). How is CNN handling the in-house fight between Abbi and Suzanne? And can Kendall make a comeback?

  • Hottest Male, Off Air is proving just as interesting as its female counterpart, as Andrew Noyes, John McCaslin (currently in the lead), Nick Gillespie and Josh Gross all duke it out for the top spot.

  • There’s another four way underway in Hottest Male, Off Air between Joe Johns, Scott Engler, George Stephanopolous and John Hendren. Have Jake Tapper and David Greene given up? And look out: Here comes Bret Baier