18-to-24 Demo Key for Mobile

myspace.jpgMembers of Generation Y now use their mobile phones to take 76% of all personal calls, according to an online survey of some 2,000 young mobile device owners in October, conducted by Stamford, CT-based InsightExpress, MediaPost reports.

The report also said that over half of the Gen Yers–56%–report spending time looking for new things to do with their mobile phones. That confirms a widely-held perception that younger cell phone subscribers are more likely to be interested in media-based services, such as the mobile Web, mobile TV, and messaging.

“It’s clear that as an extension of self, these omnipresent devices play a much broader role in the lives of young people, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships, than simply voice or text communication,” said Joy Liuzzo, director of mobile research at InsightExpress, in a company-issued report.

(Photo credit courtesy of MySpace)

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